Pastor & Sis. Uzzle

        & Family



   Rev. Paul Uzzle, Jr. was born January 19,

1964 to Paul & Frances Uzzle. The late

Phillip Uzzle which pastored Hartford

Apostolic Church for 28 years

was his grandfather.


   Rev. Paul Uzzle, Jr. was baptized in the

Name of Jesus Christ and received the

Holy Ghost in 1977 at the age of 13.

He attended Hartford Apostolic Church

and was under Rev. Jerry Bratcher for

14 years. At Hartford Apostolic Church he

taught teenage Sunday School Class, also

it was there he accepted his call into the



   Rev. Paul Uzzle, Jr. married Deana Rice

from the Church Of Jesus Christ at

Hickman, Ky in 1984. The Lord blessed

them with a son in 1987, Patrick Kyle Uzzle.

He is a minister in the church and also the

Youth Leader. Later in 1993 they were

blessed with another son Matthew Tyler Uzzle,

which is a talented musician in the church.


   In 1992 Rev. Paul Uzzle, Jr. accepted the

pastorate of Nelson Pentecostal Church at 

Central City, Ky. This is the community he

grew up in and resides in today. The Lord

blessed Nelson Pentecostal Church with

growth and in 2000 they relocated on HWY 62.

It was at this location they erected a new

sanctuary. In 2005 NPC built a gym and

fellowship hall on the same location.


   God has continued to bless and

work in a wonderful way.



Sunday Morning 10:00 AM
Sunday Evening 6:30 PM
Thursday Evening 7:00 PM

Nelson Pentecostal Church
12414 US HWY 62 E
Central City, KY 42330
PH: 270-754-9801
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